Question Video: Adding One-Digit Numbers to Three-Digit Numbers Using a Number Line Mathematics

Use the number line to find 742 + 2.


Video Transcript

Use the following number line to find 742 plus two.

In this question, we have to add a one-digit number to a three-digit number. The number 742 has three-digits, and we have to add two which is a one-digit number. We’ve been given a number line to help us add. The first thing we need to do is find the number 742 on the number line. And then we need to count forward two; this is because we’re adding two to 742. So, we’re going to start at 742. Add one, two. We finished on number 744. 742 plus two equals 744. We added our one-digit number to our three-digit number by counting forward on a number line.

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