Question Video: Counting Coins on a Number Line

Continue counting to find out how much money there is.


Video Transcript

Continue counting to find out how much money there is.

In this question, we’re shown six coins. And we’re told that we need to find out how much money there is. Alright, it might be a good idea to start with if we just take a look at which coins we’ve got because the type of coins we have makes a big difference to the total value. To begin with, we’ve got these two circular silver coins here. And if we look carefully at the top of them, we can see how much they are worth. These are 10-pence coins; they’re both worth 10p. Now, when we add coins, it often makes sense to start with the largest value first. So, we know that the other coins we’re going to add are probably going to be worth less than 10p. And they are; these are five-p coins. And we have four of them to add. So, this question is really asking us if we have two 10p coins and four five-p coins, how much money do we have altogether?

A good way of adding these coins is to use a number line, and we’re given one that’s partly completed. Let’s go through it and continue counting where it stops. Firstly, let’s add our two 10p coins. So, we’re going to count in 10s twice. 10, 20. Now, we need to add our four five-p coins. This means we need to start from 20 and count in fives four times. 20, 25, 30, 35, 40. We counted in 10s twice and then in fives four times, and we got to the number 40. And that’s how we know that two 10p coins plus four five-p coins makes a total of 40p.

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