Question Video: Recognising Equal Parts in Circles and Rectangles

Which picture shows equal parts?


Video Transcript

Which picture shows equal parts?

We can see three pictures of three shapes. There’s a circle and two squares, but we can also see a line across each of the shapes. It’s a line that divides each shape into two pieces. But not all the shapes have been divided fairly. Our question asks us, which picture shows equal parts? This is really asking us, which picture shows parts that are the same size? Let’s start with our circle. If you wanted to split a circle into equal parts, where would you draw a line? Will you put it right down the middle, wouldn’t you, or across the middle? This line isn’t in the middle. This part at the bottom is a lot bigger than the part at the top. These are unequal parts.

Now, let’s look at the two parts that our blue square has been divided into. They look the same size, don’t they? If you’re not sure about this, turn your head slightly and look at it from an angle. It might help you to see that the two parts are the same size. These are equal parts. And if we just check our last shape, we can see that they’re not the same-size parts. For example, this part here is a little bit smaller than the top part. And so the only shape that’s been split or divided into equal parts is the blue square. The parts are the same size.

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