Question Video: Comparing Nonstandard Units of Mass

Choose the balanced weights from the figures.


Video Transcript

Choose the balanced weights from the following figures.

We’re shown two different sets of scales. We’re being asked to choose the set which are balanced. We can work out the answer in two ways. We can tell just by looking at these scales that they’re balanced. And we can check by counting the number of blocks on each side of the scales. Each side of the scales have three blocks. So, each side of the scale has an equal number of blocks. This is why the scales are balanced. Three blocks weigh the same as three blocks. The weight on each side of the scales is equal. So, these are the balanced weights.

On the first set of scales, we can see that this side is the heaviest. Three blocks weigh more than two blocks. To make these scales balanced, we would have to add one more block to this side of the scales.

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