Question Video: Converting and Comparing between Pounds and Ounces Mathematics • 4th Grade

Use <, =, > to complete the following: 3 lb _ 6 oz.


Video Transcript

Use less than, equal to, or greater than to complete the following: three pounds compared to six ounces.

The first thing that we notice is that we’re trying to compare two different units. To make a comparison, we’ll need to convert three pounds into ounces. To solve this problem, we’ll have to remember that one pound equals 16 ounces. That means, for every single pound, there are 16 ounces. And we have three pounds. We’ll need to multiply 16 times three to find the number of ounces in three pounds.

Starting with the ones place, three times six is 18. We carry our one. Then we multiply three times one, which is three, plus one equals four. 16 times three equals 48. Now we can try to compare. How does 48 ounces compare to six ounces? 48 ounces is larger than six ounces. We say 48 ounces is greater than six ounces, which means three pounds is greater than six ounces.

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