Video: Factoring by Taking Out Common Factors

Factor the expression 3π‘π‘ž + 𝑝 completely.


Video Transcript

Factor the expression three π‘π‘ž plus 𝑝 completely.

In order to factor this expression, we need to find the highest common factor of three π‘π‘ž and 𝑝. The only common part of these two terms is 𝑝. This means that we can factor 𝑝 out of the bracket or parenthesis. Three π‘π‘ž divided by 𝑝 is three π‘ž. Therefore, our first term in the parenthesis is three π‘ž. 𝑝 divided by 𝑝 is equal to one. Therefore, the second term in our parenthesis is plus one β€” positive one.

We can check this answer by expanding or multiplying out the parenthesis or bracket. 𝑝 multiplied by three π‘ž is three π‘π‘ž and 𝑝 multiplied by one is equal to 𝑝.

This means that the expression three π‘π‘ž plus 𝑝 factored completely is 𝑝 multiplied by three π‘ž plus one.

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