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Question Video: Multiplying Decimal Numbers by 10 Mathematics • 5th Grade

Calculate 52.35 × 10.


Video Transcript

Calculate 52.35 times 10.

Multiplying by 10 moves every digit one place to the left. If we look at this place value chart, we realize that we have numbers in the tens place, the units place, the tenths place, and the hundredths place.

And we need to move each of these digits one place to the left. The five in the tens place moves to the hundreds place. The two in the units place moves to the tens place.

The three in the tenths place moves to the units place. The decimal stays in the same spot. And then the five from the hundredths place moves to the tenths place.

By shifting every digit one place to the left, we easily calculate 52.35 times 10 equals 523 and five-tenths.

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