Question Video: Identifying the Group of Coins That Equal a Number of Piasters Mathematics

Which of the following represents 50 piastres?


Video Transcript

Which of the following represents 50 piastres?

In this question, we’re shown four different groups of coins. We have to find the total value of each group of coins and select the group which represents 50 piastres. Let’s add together the value of the two coins in the first group. We could use this part–whole model to help. If the total amount of piastres we’re trying to make is 50 and our first coin is worth 50 piastres, it can’t be this group of coins because our second coin is worth 25 piastres. 50 plus 25 gives us more than 50. 50 and 25 is 75.

It can’t be this group of coins either because 50 plus 25 plus 25 is greater than 50. We can’t use two 50-piastre coins to make 50 piastres because double 50 is 100. So it must be our final group of coins. There are two 25-piastre coins. 25 doubled or 25 plus 25 does equal 50. This is the group of coins which represents 50 piastres. 25 plus 25 equals 50.

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