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Question Video: Using Venn Diagrams to Find the Difference between Sets Mathematics

Using the Venn diagram, find 𝑋 βˆ’ 𝑍.


Video Transcript

Using the Venn diagram, find 𝑋 minus 𝑍.

In order to find 𝑋 minus 𝑍, we first need to find what elements are in 𝑋, what elements are in 𝑍, and then take away the elements that are in 𝑍 from 𝑋. The elements in 𝑋 are six, two, four, and five. The elements in 𝑍 are two, four, eight, and nine.

So we want to take our elements in blue and then look at the elements in pink. If there are any elements in pink that are in the blue, we need to take them away from it. Since two is an element of 𝑍, we need to take that away from the two element in 𝑋. There’s also a four element in 𝑍. So we need to take that four element away from 𝑋.

And then 𝑍 also has eight and nine. However, eight and nine are not found in 𝑋. Therefore, we can’t take them away. So we just disregard them. So the elements that are left in 𝑋 will be our answer. And we have six and five left. Therefore, 𝑋 minus 𝑍 is equal to the set of six and five.

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