Video: KS2-M17 • Paper 1 • Question 22

4781 multiplied by 23 equals what?


Video Transcript

4781 multiplied by 23 equals what?

We need to use long multiplication to answer this question. First, we need to multiply 4781 by three. One multiplied by three is three. Eight threes are 24. Seven threes are 21, plus the two we exchanged makes 23. Four times three is 12, plus the two we exchanged is 14. 4781 multiplied by three is 14343.

Next, we’re going to multiply 4781 by 20. Multiplying by 20 is the same as multiplying by 10 and then by two. And when we multiply a number by 10, the digits shift one place to the left. Now we can start multiplying.

One times two is two. Eight times two is 16. Seven times two is 14, plus the one we exchanged makes 15. Four multiplied by two is eight, plus the one we exchanged gives us nine.

Now we need to add these two totals together to give us 4781 multiplied by 23. Three ones and no ones makes three. Four tens and two tens make six tens. Three hundreds and six hundreds gives us nine hundreds. Four thousands and five thousands is 9000. And nine plus one makes 10. 4781 multiplied by 23 is 109963.

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