Video: KS2-M16S • Paper 1 • Question 4

24 × 3 = _.


Video Transcript

24 multiplied by three equals what?

One way to find the answer would be to partition 24 into its two parts and multiply each by three. The two digit is worth two tens, which is 20. And the four digit represents the four ones, or four. 20 times three is 60. Four times three is 12. And 60 plus 12 equals 72.

Another way to calculate the answer would be to round 24 to 25 because 25 is a nice easy number to multiply. 25 times three is 75. Now we just need to adjust the answer. To round 24 to 25, we added one. So we need to take away one times three from the answer. 75 subtract three is 72.

One way to find the answer is to partition the number then multiply. And the other method we used was to round, in this case to 25, multiply, and then adjust, to give us the answer 72. 24 multiplied by three is 72.

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