Question Video: Multiplying a Decimal Number by Another Mathematics • 6th Grade

3.57 × 1.4 = _.


Video Transcript

3.57 multiplied by 1.4 is equal to blank.

In order to work out the answer, we need to multiply the two decimals, 3.57 and 1.4. When multiplying two decimals, one method firstly involves removing the decimal points. In this case, this would give us 357 multiplied by 14. There are numerous ways of calculating the answer. In this question, we will use the grid method.

We have split 357 into its hundreds, tens, and ones. Likewise, we have split 14 into 10 and four. 300 multiplied by 10 is equal to 3000. 300 multiplied by four is 1200. 50 multiplied by 10 is 500. And 50 multiplied by four is 200. Finally, seven multiplied by 10 is 70, and seven multiplied by four is 28.

Our next step is to calculate the sum of these six numbers. This gives us an answer of 4998, which is the product of 357 and 14. As there were three numbers after decimal points in our original question, there need to be three numbers after the decimal point in our answer.

This means all the digits have to move three places to the right. 3.57 multiplied by 1.4 is equal to 4.998. The first number in our working was 100 times bigger. And the second number was 10 times bigger. This means that the answer to this calculation is 1000 times bigger than the actual answer.

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