Question Video: Identifying and Counting Coins that are the Same Mathematics

Count the coins in the piggy bank. How many 2 pence coins are there? How many 2 pound coins are there?


Video Transcript

Count the coins in the piggy bank. How many two-pence coins are there? How many two-pound coins are there?

In this question, we’re shown a piggy bank which is full of coins. And we’re asked to count the number of two-pence coins and the number of two-pound coins. We need to be very careful when we’re looking at the writing on the coins. We’re looking for two-pence and two-pound coins. The word two is written on the back of a two-pence coin and the two-pound coin.

To make sure we don’t get confused, we need to look carefully at each coin. The two-pound coin is slightly bigger than the two-pence coin, and it’s made from two different-colored metals. Another way we can identify a two-pound coin is by its design. On the back of the two-pound coin, there’s a picture of Britannia. Britannia is used as a symbol of Great Britain. She wears a helmet; she carries a spear and a shield. And the design on the back of a two-pence coin is a lion.

Let’s start by counting the two-pence coins. There’s one, two, three. We counted three two-pence coins. Let’s count the two-pound coins now. One, two. We counted two two-pound coins. There are three two-pence coins and two two-pound coins.

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