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Question Video: Rewriting Statements Using Inequality Signs Mathematics • 6th Grade

Rewrite the statement β€œ1 is greater than or equal to π‘₯” using <, ≀, >, β‰₯.


Video Transcript

Rewrite the statement β€œone is greater than or equal to π‘₯” using one of the four inequality symbols.

The first symbol means less than, the second one, less than or equal to. Next, we have greater than or more than and finally greater than or equal to. The larger value is always next to the open end of the inequality sign. We are told that one is greater than or equal to π‘₯. This is the inequality that matches the statement. We could also rewrite this as π‘₯ is less than or equal to one. When reading inequalities, we often put the variable first, in this case π‘₯.

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