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Question Video: Count to Find the Total Number Mathematics • Kindergarten

Complete the following sentence: 2 boys and 3 more makes _ boys.


Video Transcript

Complete the following sentence. Two boys and three more makes what boys?

In this question, we need to add together two groups of boys. Our first group contains two boys. And we can see in the second picture that our second group contains three more boys. Imagine two boys are having a chat in the playground, and then three more come up and join them. We need to add these two groups together to find the total. Two and three more makes what?

Well, we know that we’re starting with two boys. So we can simply count on three more. And to do this, we could use a number track to help us. So as we’ve said already, we can start counting from the number two because we know there are two boys in the group to start with. Now, we just need to count on three more for the three more boys that arrive. And as we count on, we’ll move our counter. Two, three, four, five. We started at the number two, and we counted on three more numbers. Three, four, five. So we know that two boys and three more makes five boys. The missing number in our sentence is the number five.

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