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Question Video: Understanding Unit Prefixes Physics • 9th Grade

What is 0.56 F in millifarads?


Video Transcript

What is 0.56 F in millifarads?

Now to answer this question, we first need to remember the conversion between farads and millifarads. We can recall that one farad is equivalent to 1000 millifarads because the prefix “milli” means one thousandth of. And so one farad is the same thing as 1000 lots of one thousandth of a farad.

So now the next step is to take this equation and multiply both sides by 0.56. This way, on the left-hand side, we’re left with 0.56 farads, which is exactly what we’re trying to convert to millifarads. And then on the right-hand side, we’re left with 560 millifarads.

So we have our final answer. 0.56 farads in millifarads is 560 millifarads.

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