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Question Video: Converting from Miles to Feet Mathematics • 6th Grade

How many feet are there in 2 miles?


Video Transcript

How many feet are there in two miles?

First, we need to try and remember how many feet are there in one mile. Then you remember. There are 5280 feet in one mile. If there are 5280 feet per mile and we want to go two miles, we need to multiply 5280 feet by two. We set up the problem like this: 5280 multiplied by two.

Starting all the way on the right, two times zero equals zero. Two times eight equals 16. We write down our six, carry our one. Two times two is four, plus the one we carried over is five.

We’re finished with the one we carried over. And last, we multiply two times five, which equals 10. This tells us that two miles equals 10560 feet.

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