Video: KS1-M18 • Paper 1 • Question 25

74 − 47 = _.


Video Transcript

74 take away 47 equals what.

In this problem, we need to start with the number 74 and then take away or subtract 47. How much will we have left? 74 is made up of seven tens or 70 and four ones. The number that we need to take away 47 can be split into four tens or 40 and seven ones. Let’s start by taking away the tens. We have seven tens or 70. And we need to take away four tens or 40. Let’s count back four tens from 74, 74, 64, 54, 44, 34. So if we take away the tens part of 47, we’re left with 34. 74 take away 40 equals 34.

Now, we need to take away the ones part of 47. How can we take seven ones from 34? We only seem to have four ones. To make things easier, we can partition seven into four and three. First, we’ll take away four. And then, we’ll take away three. 34 take away four equals 30. We can see why we partition the number seven now. Subtracting four from 34 was very quick to do. Now, we need to subtract three. 30 take away three equals 27. First, we took away the tens and then the ones.

74 take away 47 equals 27.

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