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Question Video: Multiplying Two-Digit Numbers by One-Digit Numbers Mathematics • 4th Grade

Find the result of the following: 29 × 3 = _


Video Transcript

Find the result of the following: 29 multiplied by three equals what.

In this question, we have to multiply a two-digit number, the number 29, by a single digit, three. And we can tell by the way the question’s been set out that we have to use the standard written method. We know that two-digit numbers have a tens digit and a ones digit. The number 29 has two 10s and nine ones. When we multiply using the standard written method, we always start by multiplying the ones first. So our first step is to multiply nine by three. Nine times three is 27. We can write our seven ones in the ones column and the two 10s in the tens column because 27 has two 10s and seven ones. Because we’ve regrouped two 10s, we need to remember to add those on when we’ve multiplied in the tens column.

So our next step is to multiply the tens. Number 23 has two 10s, and we need to multiply them by three. Two 10s multiplied by three gives us a total of six 10s. And we need to add on the two 10s that we regrouped earlier. Six 10s and two more 10s gives us a total of eight 10s. 29 multiplied by three equals 87. When we multiply a two-digit number by a one-digit number using the standard written method, first we multiply their ones and regroup if we need to, and then we multiply the tens. We found the result of 29 multiplied by three using the standard written method. The result is 87.

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