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Question Video: Identifying the Alloying Element in Bronze Chemistry • 7th Grade

Fill in the blank: Bronze is an alloy of copper and _.


Video Transcript

Fill in the blank. Bronze is an alloy of copper and blank.

Let us review our understanding of alloys, and then we can start to answer this question about bronze.

We can describe an alloy as a metallic solid solution that contains at least two different types of elements. The particles of one of the alloying elements disperses through the lattice of the other. The alloy is solid and has a particle configuration somewhat like a liquid solution.

Bronze is considered to be the oldest alloy, and most historians think humans first made it thousands of years ago. We know that copper is one of the elements in the bronze alloy, and we need to determine the other one. Let us take some time to discuss information about the bronze alloy.

Bronze has an unusual reddish-brown color and is mechanically more robust or harder than copper. It is also less malleable and ductile than pure copper. Malleability is the ability of a material to be hammered or pressed into different shapes and thin sheets without breaking or cracking. Ductility is the ability for a material to be drawn into wires. Bronze is not highly malleable or ductile because of its composition. It contains copper with at least one other metal that is usually tin or arsenic.

Tin is most likely the correct answer since it is the more commonly used alloying metal for bronze.

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