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Question Video: Converting Days to Hours

How many hours is 194 days?


Video Transcript

How many hours is 194 days?

We know how many hours are in a day. One day equals 24 hours. For every one of these 194 days, there will be 24 hours. To find out how many hours that is, we’ll have to multiply 194 by 24. So now we multiply 194 by 24.

Starting with the ones place, four times four equals 16. Write the six, carry the one. Four times 9 equals 36, plus one is 37. Write down your seven, carry your three. Four times one is four, plus three — that we’ve already carried over — is seven.

Now to our tens place, two times four is eight. Two times nine is 18. Write our eight and carry our one. Two times one is two, plus one is three. Adding these two values, bring down the six. Seven plus eight is 15, carry my one. Seven plus eight is 15, but we have plus one which would be 16. Carry our one. Now we have three plus one, four.

194 times 24 equals 4656. 194 days equals 4656 hours.

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