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Question Video: Subtracting Two-Digit Numbers from Multidigit Numbers Mathematics

16385 − 14 = _.


Video Transcript

16385 minus 14 equals what?

To solve this problem, we want to line up our numbers vertically. We put the larger number, the number that we’re subtracting from, on top, 16385 minus 14.

Notice that the digits in the ones place are lined up. That means we’ve lined up the ones and the tens places here. Using this method to subtract, we start all the way on the right in the units place. And we say five minus four equals one.

From there, we move one place to the left here. And we say eight minus one equals seven. We move to the left again. And we have a three on the top. But we don’t have anything underneath it. The number 14 has zero digits in the hundreds place. So we can say three minus zero here equals three.

Continuing to move to the left, we have a six in the thousands place. 14 has no thousands. So we’ll add another zero and say six minus zero equals six. And finally, we’ll do the same thing with our ten thousands place. 14 has zero ten thousands. And we’ll say one minus zero equals one. So we know 16385 minus 14 equals 16371.

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