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Question Video: Forming a Fraction Mathematics • 3rd Grade

Write a fraction that has 2 as the numerator and 5 as the denominator.


Video Transcript

Write a fraction that has two as the numerator and five as the denominator.

When we write fractions, the number on the bottom is called the denominator. This tells us the number of equal parts that the shape or the number has been divided into. And we’re told that the denominator in this fraction is a five. When we divide a shape into five equal parts, we call each part a fifth. Now that we’ve written the denominator in our fraction, we just need to write the top number, the numerator. We’re told that our faction has a two as the numerator. We could model this by shading two of our five equal parts. If a fraction has two as the numerator and five as the denominator, then the fraction is two-fifths.

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