Video: Counting the Number of Objects in Each of Two Categories

Are there more animals in group A?


Video Transcript

Are there more animals in group A?

In this question, we can see two groups of animals. These are labelled A and B. Now, we need to compare these two groups together because we’re asked, are there more animals in group A? We can find out the answer by matching the animals in group A with those in group B. Now, we can see just by looking at each group that some of the animals are the same. But when we talk about matching objects — in this case, we’re matching animals — we’re not talking about looking for the same animals. We just need to count the number of animals in each group. So it doesn’t matter that there’s a duck in group A and there’s also one in group B. We just need to count the whole group.

Now, to be able to match up these animals together, it would be helpful if they were standing in a line one above another. But, of course, we can see in the picture that they’re not. Let’s use maths equipment to help us here. We could start by putting a counter next to each animal in group A, one counter for one animal. Each counter represents an animal. Now, let’s do exactly the same with group B, again one counter for one animal. Now, although we can’t move our animals around, we can move our counters.

Let’s move one counter at a time from each group. And we’re going to count as we do so to see how many animals there are in each group and to be able to match up these animals. One, two, three, four — can you see what’s going to happen here? — five. We’ve matched up five pairs of counters. But we can’t match up anymore. We’ve used all the counters in group B. So we know there must be five animals in group B. But we can see that there’s another animal and another counter left in group A. There are not five but six animals in group A. We can see that the line of counters for group A is longer than the line for group B. So we can say group A is a larger group than group B. Are there more animals in group A? Yes, there are.

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