Video: Completing Number Patterns of Numbers up to 999

What comes next 295, 396, 497, _, _.


Video Transcript

What comes next? 295, 396, 497, blank, blank.

Let’s take the numbers we’ve started with and fill them in on this place value chart: 295, 396, 497, and then the spaces for our two missing values. We need to look for a pattern.

In the hundreds place, moving from two to three and then three to four, it looks like the hundreds go up by one every time. Two plus one is three, three plus one is four. If we add one to four, we get five. Adding one to five and we get six.

So we’re finished with the hundreds and we can move on to the tens place. In our tens place, we have nine, nine, nine. The tens place is not changing. We can fill in a nine and a nine for the next two tens place.

Now, we need to find the pattern in the units place: from five to six and from six to seven. Five plus one is six, six plus one is seven. Let’s add one to seven to find our missing number. Seven plus one is eight. And eight plus one will reveal our last missing number. It’s nine. Eight plus one is nine.

By using patterns and place value, we were able to find 598 and 699 as the two missing numbers.

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