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Question Video: Recognizing Coins Mathematics

Pick the 50 pence coin.


Video Transcript

Pick the 50-pence coin.

In this question, we’re shown three different coins and we’re asked to pick the 50-pence coin. Let’s look at the first coin. All of our coins are the same color, but they’re all different shapes and sizes. This one has seven curved sides. Can you tell what it is yet? This is a 20-pence coin. We can tell this using the writing or the words on the back of the coin.

Our next coin is a five-pence coin. Our third coin also has seven sides just like the 20 pence, except this coin is much bigger. Have you worked out what it is yet? It’s a 50-pence coin. This is the coin we’re looking for. We picked the 50-pence coin.

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