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Question Video: Testing the Strategy: Addition and Subtraction Fact Families Mathematics • 1st Grade

We know that 5 + 7 = 12. What is 12 − 7?


Video Transcript

We know that five plus seven equals 12. What is 12 take away seven?

The question tells us that five plus seven equals 12. Five orange counters plus seven pink counters makes a total of 12 counters. We can use this addition fact to help us find 12 subtract seven. Let’s subtract the seven pink counters. One, two — now we have 10. We just need to subtract the remaining five pink counters. One, two, three, four, five. We subtracted two counters and five more, which makes a total of seven. How many are left? There are five orange counters left. 12 subtract seven equals five. If five plus seven equals 12, then 12 take away seven equals five. We used an addition fact, five plus seven equals 12, to help us calculate a subtraction. 12 take away seven is five.

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