Question Video: Identifying the Highest Temperature in a Set of Data Mathematics • 6th Grade

The recorded temperatures in a week from Saturday to Friday were 28°, 35°, 39°, 26°, 34°, 32°, and 30°, respectively. Which day was the hottest?


Video Transcript

The recorded temperatures in a week from Saturday to Friday were 28 degrees, 35 degrees, 39 degrees, 26 degrees, 34 degrees, 32 degrees, and 30 degrees respectively. Which day was the hottest?

So the first thing I’ve done is actually written down our days in the week in the correct order from Saturday to Friday. So we’ve got Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

Now what I need to do is actually see what the temperatures were on each of those days. So if we take a look at this word here respectively, what this tells us is that actually our temperatures are in the correct order. So therefore, we can actually start to write these beside the days of the week.

So we know that Saturday was 28 degrees, Sunday was 35 degrees, Monday was 39 degrees, Tuesday 26 degrees, Wednesday was 34 degrees, Thursday was 32 degrees, and Friday was 30 degrees.

So now we’ve actually got the temperature down for each of our days. Let’s have a look at the question and see what we’re looking for. Well, the question wants us to find out which day was the hottest. So in order to do that, what we’re gonna look for is the highest temperature.

Well, if we look at the numbers that we have, we can see that 39 is actually the highest. We got 39 degrees as our highest temperature. So therefore, we can say that Monday was the hottest day.

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