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Question Video: Rounding Two-Digit Numbers to the Nearest Ten Using Number Lines Mathematics

Round 46 to the nearest ten.


Video Transcript

Round 46 to the nearest ten.

We’re shown a number line. The number line has been marked with the number 46. We have to round the number 46 to the nearest ten. 46 is between 40 and 50. Both of these numbers end in zero; they’re both multiples of 10. Which is the nearest ten to 46? Is it 40 or 50? When we’re rounding numbers to the nearest ten, we need to look carefully at the ones digit. If the ones digit is less than five, we have to round down. If the ones digit is five or more, we have to round up. We know that six is more than five, so we need to round up to 50. The nearest ten to 46 is 50.

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