Video: Evaluating and Comparing Expressions Involving Multiplication by 10

Use <, =, or > to fill in the blank: 421 _ 6 × 9 × 10.


Video Transcript

Use less than, equal to, or greater than to fill in the blank. 421 blank six times nine times 10.

How should we solve a question like this? We can evaluate and compare. Step one is to evaluate. And this is what we need to evaluate, six times nine times 10.

We can multiply in any order. We’ll start by multiplying six times nine. Six times nine is 54. We multiply the result of six times nine by 10, which means we need to multiply 54 times 10. When we multiply by 10, we add a zero to the end of our number. 54 times 10 equals 540.

That finishes our evaluation step. Now we need to compare. How does 421 compare to 540? 421 is less than 540. We can fill in the blank with the less than symbol. 421 is less than six times nine times 10.

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