Question Video: Identifying the Blocks Model That Shows One Less than a Number Mathematics • Kindergarten

Which set of blocks shows 1 less than 6?


Video Transcript

Which set of blocks shows one less than six?

In this question, we’re shown four different cube trains, each containing a different number of blocks. We have to find the cube train that has one less than six. What is one less than six? We could use this counting frame to help us. We need to find one less than six. So we need to place six blocks in our counting frame. To find one less, we need to take one block away. One less than six is five.

Now what we need to do is select the cube train which has five blocks because five is one less than six. Let’s count the number of blocks in the first cube train. One, two, three, four, five. This is the set of blocks we’re looking for. Five is one less than six. This cube train has six blocks, this one has seven, and this one has four. The set of blocks which shows one less than five [six] is the one with five blocks.

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