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Question Video: Number Patterns with Integer Numbers Mathematics

Write the next three terms of the following sequence: −37, −36, −34, −31, −27, _, _, _.


Video Transcript

Write the next three numbers of the following sequence. Negative 37, negative 36, negative 34, negative 31, and negative 27.

The numbers in our sequence are increasing as they are moving towards zero. To get from negative 37 to negative 36, we add one. From negative 36 to negative 34, we add two. To get from negative 34 to negative 31, we have to add three. And finally, to get from negative 31 to negative 27, we add four. We can see that the pattern of differences is increasing by one.

To find the next number in the sequence, we will need to add five. We will then need to add six and seven to find the other two missing numbers. Negative 27 plus five is equal to negative 22 as this is five closer to zero than negative 27. Adding six to negative 22 gives us negative 16. And adding seven to negative 16 gives us negative nine. The next three numbers of the sequence are negative 22, negative 16, and negative nine.

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