Video: KS2-M17 • Paper 1 • Question 5

345 − 60 = _.


Video Transcript

345 take away 60 equals what?

We could answer this calculation mentally. To help us visualize the problem, we could use a number line. We start at number 345. We need to subtract 60 to give us the answer or the missing number. We could do this in steps.

First, we can take away 45. 345 take away 45 takes us to 300. We have to take away a total of 60. We’ve already taken 45. So the difference between 60 and 45 is 15. This means we have to take away another 15. We could subtract 15 by first subtracting five and then subtracting 10. 300 take away five is 295.

Now, we need to calculate 295 take away 10, which is 285. We found our answer. We could also use a written method to help us calculate the answer. We could use column subtraction. Starting in the ones place, five take away zero is five.

And in the tens column, we’re subtracting 60 from 40. We don’t have enough tens. 40 is less than 60. So we need to borrow a 10 from the hundreds column. So now we have two hundreds left in the hundreds column and we have 14 tens in the tens column. 14 take away six is eight. Now, we can move into the hundreds column. Two take away nothing is two.

We get the same answer of 285 using both methods. To subtract mentally, we counted back 60 from 345 and we also used the column subtraction method. We could use either of these methods to help find the answer or you may have one of your own. Both methods still give us the answer 285.

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