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Question Video: Finding the Base of a Drawn Triangle on a Coordinate Plane Mathematics • 6th Grade

Find the length of the base of triangle B.


Video Transcript

Find the length of the base of triangle B.

So the first thing we want to do is check out the scale of our axes. And we can see that every square is equal to one unit, and that’s because we have two squares is equal to two units, four squares is equal to four units, etcetera. Therefore, if we count along the base of our triangle, we can see that the length of it is going to be five length units long. And it is also worth noting that we could’ve seen the vertices of the bottom of our triangle and found out what their 𝑥-coordinates were, so in this case, it’s five and 10. Then we could’ve found the difference between them. So 10 minus five gives us five, which would have given us the same result.

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