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Question Video: Converting Rational Numbers to Percentages Mathematics • 6th Grade

Write 7.5 as a percentage.


Video Transcript

Write 7.5 as a percentage.

We recall here that one whole one, or 1.0, is equal to 100 percent. As 7.5 is greater than this, it will be greater than 100 percent. Seven or 7.0 must, therefore, be equal to 700 percent. We know that 0.5 is equal to a half, and a half of 100 percent is 50 percent. Adding these two values tells us that 7.5 written as a percentage is 750 percent.

An alternative method here would be to recall that to convert from a decimal to a percentage we need to multiply by 100. 7.5 multiplied by 100 is equal to 750, as all the digits move two places to the left. This confirms the correct answer of 750 percent.

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