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Question Video: Simplifying Radical Expressions Mathematics • 10th Grade

Simplify (2 + 6 √(5)) + (9 + 8 √(5)).


Video Transcript

Simplify two plus six root five plus nine plus eight root five.

Now, here, the parentheses aren’t really having an effect. They’re telling you to do the calculations in a particular order, but the operations are all additions. And because of the associativity of addition, it will make no difference if you do them in a different order. So, we’ll just remove the parentheses for now and then we’ll collect the like terms. Well, two and nine are the rational numbers, and six root five and eight root five are the radical or surd terms.

So, now we’ve collected the like terms, we can combine them. And two and nine make 11. And then, six root fives plus another eight root fives gives us 14 root fives. So, that’s the simplified version of our original expression.

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