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Question Video: Finding the Percent of a Quantity with Simple Fractions and Integers Mathematics • 9th Grade

A USB flash drive that has a regular price of $59 is on sale at 36% discount. Determine its sale price.


Video Transcript

A USB flash drive has a regular price of 59 dollars is on sale at 36 percent discount. Determine its sale price.

A discount is an amount taken off of the cost. So we subtract it from the cost. And that gives us a sale price. So in order to find the discount, we need to take 36 percent of 59 dollars. And that’s what we will end up subtracting from 59 dollars to get the sale price.

So 36 percent, we can rewrite that as a decimal. First, we drop the percentage sign. And then we move our decimal point two places to the left. And it’s safe to put a zero in front so the decimal point sticks out. So 36 percent can be replaced with 0.36.

The word “of” means to multiply. And we multiply by 59 dollars. So 0.36 times 59 dollars is equal to 21.24, so 21 dollars and 24 cents. That is the discount. So we will subtract this from the cost. So we take 59 dollars and subtract 21 dollars and 24 cents. And we get 37 dollars and 76 cents. This would be the sale price, which would be the amount after we’d take the discount off of the normal price, the regular price. So again, the sale price is 37 dollars and 76 cents.

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