Video: KS1-M17 • Paper 1 • Question 10

84 + 12 = _.


Video Transcript

84 plus 12 equals what?

This question asks us to add together two two-digit numbers, 84 and 12. What’s the total of 84 and 12? 12 is quite a small two-digit number to be adding on. So to complete the addition quickly, we can keep 84 as it is, but break down the number 12 into tens and ones. 12 is made up of one ten or 10 and also two ones or two.

So if we start with the number 84 then add 10 followed by two is the same as adding 12 to 84. We should be able to find our answer. 84 is made up of eight tens and four ones. Let’s see how this number changes when we add one more ten and two ones to it. We start off with eight tens and four ones and then we want to add one more ten. How does our place value grid change? Eight tens become nine tens 84 becomes 94. Now, all we need to do is to add our two ones.

94 has four ones. What happens if we add two more ones? Our four ones become six ones. And so, 94 becomes 96. If we add 12 to 84, we get 96. We wanted to add together 84 and 12. But because 12 was quite a small two-digit number, we decided that we only needed to partition this number. So we started with 84 and first we added one more ten. 84 became 94. Then, we added the two ones. 94 plus two equals 96. And we can see that we added 12 altogether because 10 and two makes 12.

And so, 84 plus 12 equals 96.

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