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Question Video: Subtracting Two Numbers up to 999 Mathematics • 2nd Grade

What is 576 minus 208?


Video Transcript

What is 576 minus 208?

When we see the word minus, we know the operation we’re working with is subtraction. We’re going to take 576 and subtract 208.

Starting all the way on the right in our units place, we have six minus eight. But if we have six, we can’t take eight away from that.

To solve this problem, we’ll do something called borrowing. We look to the left. We look to our 10s place, where we have seven 10s.

I can take one of those 10s and add that to the six that I already have. So instead of having six, I would have 16. We no longer have seven 10s in the 10s place. We have six 10s and 16 ones.

Now we’re asked 16 minus eight, and that is possible. 16 minus eight is eight. Moving to the 10s place, six minus zero equals six. And in the 100s place, five minus two equals three.

576 minus 208 equals 368.

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