Video: Identifying One-Half of Circles and Rectangles

Pick a shape that has one half colored.


Video Transcript

Pick a shape that has one-half shaded.

We’re shown three different shapes. Each of the shapes has been divided into different parts. And part of each shape has been shaded. We’re asked to choose the shape that has one-half colored or one-half shaded. Let’s look at the first model. This is a rectangle. And it’s been divided into four equal parts. And one out of those four parts have been shaded.

When we divide a shape into four equal parts, each part is called a quarter. And if one of those quarters is shaded, the fraction shown is one-quarter. Let’s look at the second shape. This shape is also a rectangle. It’s been divided into two equal parts. Each of those parts is called a half. And one of those halves has been shaded. So this is the shape that has one-half colored.

We’re also shown a circle. It has been divided into two parts. But those parts are not equal. One part is much larger than the other. So although this circle has been divided into two parts, these parts are not equal. So this circle doesn’t show as halves. We picked the shape that shows one-half colored.

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