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Question Video: Finding One of the Missing Factors in a Multiplication Equation Mathematics • 3rd Grade

Complete: _ × 10 = 100.


Video Transcript

Complete. What times 10 equals 100.

In this question, we have to find the missing number. What number multiplied by 10 gives us 100. We could use our knowledge of the 10 times table to help us find the missing number. We know that one times 10 is 10. Two 10s are 20. Three 10s are 30. Four 10s are 40. Five 10s are 50. Six 10s are 60. Seven 10s are 70. Eight 10s are 80. Nine 10s are 90. And 10 10s are 100.

The missing number is 10. 10 times 10 equals 100. We found the missing number using our knowledge of the 10 times table.

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