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Question Video: Recognizing Value of All the Notes Used in the UK Mathematics

Benjamin gave his son the note shown below. How much is this note worth?


Video Transcript

Benjamin gave his son the note shown below. How much is this note worth?

The type of money that is used in Britain is both coins and notes. And in the picture, we can see one of these British notes. And we’re told that Benjamin gave his son this amount of money. But how much is this note worth? What’s its value? In a way, we need to be detectives in this question. We need to look on the note for clues that are going to help us to tell how much it’s worth. But perhaps you can see a really big clue in the top left-hand corner. But let’s look for some of the smaller clues to begin with.

We’ve got this number here, which is the same as this smaller number here. And if we look really carefully, we can see lots of tiny numbers all the same in this shape here. There’s a number written in words here. And then there’s this big, bold clue here. This is probably the one you spotted first of all. Our final clue is the color of the note. The design on this note is a sort of dark blue or purply color. And if we put all these clues together, what have we got? Well, the number that’s written is a two, followed by a zero. And as we’ve said already, it’s also written in words. A two followed by a zero is the number 20. And we know that the design on a 20-pound note is this sort of purple color. There are lots of clues that we can use to tell us how much this note is worth. It has a value of 20 pounds.

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