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Question Video: Multiplying Decimal Numbers by 1000 Mathematics • 5th Grade

Fill in the blanks.


Video Transcript

Fill in the blanks.

4.7, 2.09, 4.729 all times 1000.

We remember that one way to do the operation of multiplying by 1000 is to move the decimal point three places to the right. Starting with 4.7, we move the decimal place one, two, three times to the right and we add zeros as placeholders. 4.7 times 1000 equals 4700.

We need to follow the same procedure for 2.09. We move the decimal place three places to the right: one, two, three. And then, we add a zero as a placeholder. 2.09 multiplied by 1000 equals 2090.

Let’s do this procedure one last time. Starting at the original decimal place, moving one, two, three times to the right. And this time, we don’t need any placeholder zeros. 4.729 multiplied by 1000 equals 4729.

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