Question Video: Recalling the Classes of Vertebrates Biology

Which of the following classes is not a class of the vertebrata subphylum? [A] Amphibia [B] Reptilia [C] Arthropoda [D] Aves [E] Mammalia


Video Transcript

Which of the following classes is not a class of the vertebrata subphylum? (A) Amphibia, (B) Reptilia, (C) Arthropoda, (D) Aves, or (E) Mammalia.

The kingdom Animalia can be divided into vertebrata, animals with vertebral columns, sometimes called spinal columns or backbones, and invertebrata, which are animals without vertebral columns. Let’s take a look through the answer options to see whether these different classes are assigned into the vertebrate or invertebrate group.

Amphibia is a class of vertebrates called amphibians that live in wet environments and have soft, often slimy, skin. As amphibians do have vertebral columns, we can eliminate answer choice (A) as the question is asking for an option that is not a class in the vertebrata subphylum.

Reptiles belong to class Reptilia within the vertebrate subphylum and can be distinguished by their hard, dry, keratin-based scales. As reptiles also have backbones, we can eliminate answer choice (B) as well.

The class Aves is a group in the vertebrata subphylum composed of birds. These are feathered animals that tend to have beaks, lay eggs, and have a strong, lightweight skeleton. As this skeleton includes a backbone, we can also eliminate answer (D).

Mammalia is a class of vertebrates which includes organisms like humans that usually have hair or fur and whose biological females tend to have mammary glands that produce milk for any offspring they might produce. Mammals like us have backbones, so answer option (E) is also incorrect.

The class Arthropoda consists of organisms, like insects and crustaceans, that have segmented bodies and exoskeletons, which are sometimes called external skeletons, rather than the internal skeletons of the groups we have explored so far. As they do not have internal skeletons, arthropods do not have a vertebral column either and so are classified within the invertebrata subphylum. This means that we’ve found the correct answer to this question. The class that is not in the vertebrata subphylum is (C), Arthropoda.

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