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Question Video: Subtracting Two Multidigit Numbers Mathematics

Complete the following: 6619 − 5181 = _.


Video Transcript

Complete the following: 6619 minus 5181.

We can calculate the answer using column subtraction, 6619 subtract 5181. We start in the ones place or the ones column. Nine minus one is eight. Moving into the 10s column, we have to calculate one minus eight.

Eight is greater than one. So we need to regroup. We take one from the 100s column and place it in the 10s column. Now we can calculate 11 minus eight, which is three.

Now we can move across to the 100s column. Five minus one is four. Finally, we move into the 1000s column. And six minus five is one.

6619 minus 5181 equals 1438. We calculated our answer using column subtraction.

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