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Question Video: Completing a Table Involving Percentages Mathematics • 6th Grade

Complete the table which shows how a family spends their income.


Video Transcript

Complete the table which shows how a family spends their income.

The expenditure, so what they spend it on: rent, food, other, saving. And the percentage would be 20 percent they spent on rent, 30 percent they spend on food, 25 percent they spend on other. And we need to find how much money they saved, the percentage that should be for saving.

Well, a percentage, a percentage of something means it’s a piece of a whole. So the percentage represents the fraction of the whole. So all of the pieces together make the whole piece, meaning all of the percents together should add to be 100 percent. So if we want to find this missing piece, we need to take 100 percent and subtract the other percents. And then we’ll know what is left for saving.

So we have 100 percent minus 20 percent minus 30 percent minus 25 percent. Or we could’ve added all the percentages that we already had together to be 75 and then taking 100 minus 75 to give us 25 percent. So this means that they saved 25 percent of their income. So our final answer will be 25 percent.

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