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Question Video: Finding the Area of a Rectangle by Multiplying Length by Width Mathematics • 3rd Grade

This rectangle has 4 rows and 6 columns. Find the area.


Video Transcript

This rectangle has four rows and six columns. Find the area.

The area of this rectangle will be the number of square units inside the rectangle. This would be one square unit, two square units. Now we can find the total number of square units in two ways.

The first way is just to use this picture and count the number of squares that we see. If we counted all the squares shaded in yellow, there would be 24 square units.

Our second option would be to multiply. We can multiply the number of rows by the number of columns to determine the number of squares inside our rectangle. Four rows times six columns equals 24. In this case, we multiplied four times six to equal 24.

Both of these methods lead us to the area of this rectangle, which is 24 square units, but the larger the rectangle, the less likely it is that we will want to count up all the squares on the inside. So it’s useful to know that, by multiplying the rows by the columns, we can find the area. In our rectangle, the area is 24.

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