Video: Finding the Unknown in a Division Equation Relating Three Whole Numbers

Let _ = 2, so 10 ÷ _ = 5. What number does _ equal? 15 ÷ 3 = _.


Video Transcript

Let yellow square equal two. So 10 divided by yellow square equals five. What number does the blue triangle equal if 15 divided by three equals blue triangle?

In both of these examples, our shapes are representing a number. By solving our equations, we can find out what number this shape represents. 10 divided by some number equals five. 10 divided into two groups equals five. That’s how we know that the yellow square is equal to two.

If we want to find out what the value for the blue triangle is, we need to solve 15 divided by three. If we put the number 15 into three equal groups, there would be five in each group. 15 divided by three equals five. And that means the blue triangle is equal to five.

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