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Question Video: Completing Number Patterns of Numbers up to 999 Mathematics

Complete the following pattern: 678, 677, 676, _, _, _, _, _.


Video Transcript

Complete the following pattern. 678, 677, 676, what, what, what, what, and what.

We’ve been given a number pattern. The first three numbers are 678, 677, and 676. And we have to work out the next five numbers in the pattern. The first thing we need to do is work out the rule of the pattern. In other words, what happens to the numbers each time? How do we get from 678 to 677?

Did you notice what’s happening to the ones digit? 678 has eight ones. 677 has seven ones. 676 has six ones. Eight, seven, six, the ones are decreasing by one each time. We’re taking away one each time. 678 take away one is 677. 677 take away one is 676. So, the next number in the sequence of the pattern will be 675. That’s our first missing number.

675 take away one is 674. Next, it’s 673 take away one is 672, take away one is 671. The completed pattern is 678, 677, 676, 675, 674, 673, 672, and 671. The missing numbers in the pattern are 675, 674, 673, 672, and 671. We found the rule of the pattern and then completed the missing numbers.

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