Video: Dividing Decimals by 10

What is 393.13 ÷ 10?


Video Transcript

What is 393.13 divided by 10?

We have to divide 393.13 by 10. What happens when we divide a number by 10? It becomes 10 times smaller. At the moment, our number has three ones, nine tens, and three hundreds. This is the whole part of the number. The rest of the number is the decimal part. Let’s just think about the hundreds. If we have three hundreds and we divide them by 10, the answer is 30. 300 divided by 10 is 30. 30 is three tens. What happens to the nine tens if we divide them by 10. What is 90 divided by 10? It’s nine or nine ones. The nine digit has also moved one place to the right. What happens to our three ones or three if we divide them by 10? Well, they also shift one place to the right. The three digit now comes after the decimal point. So let’s add that in.

So now we know that the value of the three is worth less than one. This is the tenths column. One divided by 10 is a tenth or 0.1. So three divided by 10 becomes three tenths or 0.3. Similarly, the one digit, which was worth one tenth, also moves one place to the right. Our one tenth has become one hundredth. And our final digit, the three hundredths, has become three thousandths. 393.13 divided by 10 equals 39.313. When we divide a number by 10, it gets 10 times smaller. We calculated our answer using our knowledge of place value to help us.

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